How much does a private charter cost?

The experience of a private yacht charter is special in many ways. There is the unique venue of a private yacht for you and your guests. There is the backdrop of the Chesapeake Bay and area waterways that always makes people smile. And there is the excellent service of an experienced captain and crew that make you feel extra special.

But how much does that cost? The answer is…it depends.

We have private yacht charters for up to 22 people on a smaller vessel in Annapolis that starts at around $850 for a weekday 2-hour cruise. Our 65’ yachts for a 3 hour cruise start at around $4000 and can welcome up to 149 guests on board if your choice is Raven. And we have our 95’ flagship, Catherine Marie, which can accommodate up to 225 people for a casual cocktail event that starts at around $9000.

But there are many other factors to consider. What is your food and beverage choice? This can add anywhere from $12 to $50 a person for beverages and an even wider range for food choices. Did you want a DJ? How about a small band? Or are you just going to bring your iPod to play? Lots of choices that affect your total budget.

The great news is that we have experienced Charter Sales and Event Planners that can help you make your event special, unique, memorable. When you share your information on the type of occasion, the number of people you’d like to have on board, the vision of your special event, and the budget you have to work with, we can help put you on the right yacht at the right time and make recommendations for catering, entertainment and more.

We often hear that our prices are very competitive for such a unique experience. That’s because we include so many of the items which some other venues charge extra. Tables, chairs, linens, fuel, dockage, captain, crew and vessel are always included in our personal proposals. There are extra charges for extra’s like special order beverages, furniture additions or removal, deliveries but these are clearly outlined and explained by our Charter specialists.

Of course, the cost of the event needs to be considered and we do sometimes recommend that smaller, casual events enjoy our public cruises and maybe enhance the experience with a Celebrations Package. This is a great fit for budgets under $5000. And there are limitations on the number of guests we can accommodate onboard each vessel –but there’s never a minimum and have had 2 guests on board our 65’ yacht for a proposal complete with violin player!

A private yacht charter is a special experience. Watermark works with our clients to make the most of their time on the water within the client’s budget parameters. The cost of a private yacht charter is different for every client at Watermark.

Start planning your private charter now.

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